Overwhelmed? 6 ways to get organized

Marissa Chavez, Contributing Writer

Being a college student is a busy job; add on work, internships, physical activity and family time and you have one packed schedule.


The University Tutorial Center held an informational workshop with tips to manage your time properly and provided many sample schedules and calendars. Most of the small group of students attending were able to get their questions answered.


“I have a heavy load of classes, I’m always late and I’m here to learn what to do before I spin out of control,” fourth-year student Brandon Lou said after the workshop.


Students can manage their time better with the following tips provided by the center:


  • Get a planner and follow a detailed weekly schedule.
  • Notes important dates and deadlines in the planner and an online calendar.
  • Start jotting down what you’re spending chunks of time on, to find spots where you can fit in more of what you want.
  • Turn your phone or use an app like Flipd, which will lock your phone, so you minimize distractions such as email and social media.
  • Take notes in class and color coordinate the notes as well as activities in your calendar. For instance, blue can represent classes and green can symbolize study time.
  • Devote blocks of time in the calendar to studying.


Studies show that you’re more likely to do something if you write it down, according to Ruby Morales, an instructor at the center.


Morales encouraged students to find their individual balance.


“It seems easy to procrastinate and overestimate your time, but it’s not. When I started college, I was overwhelmed and too worried about school. But once I started to manage my time and keep a planner with detailed activities, I was able to do everything I wanted, and I was happy again,” Morales said.


The University Tutorial Center has online resources to help manage your time and not feel so consumed by your life at www.calstatela.edu/tutorialcenter. The center can be reached at 323-343-3971.