Breaking: ASI announces new president

picture of Anna Nguyen

Courtesy of ASI website

Anna Nguyen is filling the vacant ASI president position.

Will Baker, Reporter

Anna Nguyen agreed to accept the position of Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) president. Since Feb. 1, the president’s position has remained vacant with many members of the executive board sharing the responsibilities that would often fall on the president’s position such as chairing meetings and interacting with students.

Nguyen was eligible to serve in the role based on the ASI bylaws, according to an email to the University Times (UT).

“I am very pleased to share with all of ASI that Anna Nguyen, our secretary treasurer, has agreed to take on the role of ASI president for the remainder of the 2021-22 term,” ASI Executive Director Barnaby Peake wrote. “Anna knows ASI well since this is her second year as a member of the Executive Cabinet. Her involvement in the financial, strategic planning, personnel, and business matters makes her an ideal leader to step in mid-year and finish the work Diana Chavez started.”

The UT previously covered Chavez’s resignation.

On Feb. 24 during the first in-person ASI Board of Directors meeting since the start of the pandemic, two other vacant positions were filled. The vice-president of administration position was filled by former Chief Justice Sasha Prakir and former Senator Anson Noland filled the position of vice-president of governance.

The current ASI website features many open seats, something that Prakir mentioned as being of utmost importance during his interview for VP. Prakir further emphasized the focus of ASI should be directed towards the upcoming elections that will be held this spring.

Despite these position changes, ASI still currently has nine vacant seats listed on the ASI website. Positions available include: the treasurer-secretary, chief justice and both Charter College of Education representatives.

ASI had extended its initial deadline to help garner more student interest in the many positions still available and Cal State LA students now have until Mar. 6 to get in their application to apply.