Campus Housing Costs Continue to Increase

Increases pay for programming and additional housing

Adrian Bennett de Avila , Contributing Writer

On-campus room and board fees at Cal State LA increased nearly 4 percent last academic year from the year before, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

What’s more, there has been an uptick in room and board costs every year since the 2014 to 2015 academic year – totaling a 5.8 percent, slightly more than the rate of inflation over that time.

Increased costs are also not limited to room and board. According to NCES, in-state tuition and fees also rose 4 percent last academic year from the one before.  

“I’m upset at Cal State LA for raising the prices of dorming,” Said Cal State LA student Josh Mejorado, adding that he’s frustrated about the housing regulations during winter intersession.

However, there may be some unseen benefits for students with increased costs. “We are always putting [money] right back into programs. We increased the residence life programming budget, so that we can put on more events and do more things for [residents] that are fun. We are reinvesting a lot of it back into your overall experience,” said Rebecca Palmer, Cal State LA’s director of residence life. Palmer also mentioned that part of the housing cost increase is in preparation for a new 1,500-bed Cal State LA housing complex in lot 7.

Palmer also explained that if a student wants to stay in housing during the winter intersession they can at an additional cost, because things like use of utilities have to be factored in to students staying over the winter. However, if a student chooses to move out they don’t pay that cost while still being able to hold onto their room.   

Disclosure: Mejorado is the author’s roommate.