Vandalism accounts for 50% of campus crime this summer


Fatima Rosales

The bar graph above illustrates the type of crimes reported and the quantity reported according to the Cal State LA Daily crime log and fire report. The data analysis is by Victoria Ivie and the illustration by Fatima Rosales.

Victoria Ivie, Managing Editor

While less students are on campus over the summer, crime never stops. 

Of the 18 reported crimes over June, July and up until August 15, the most reported type of crime was vandalism at 50% of all reported crimes, according to the Cal State LA Daily Crime Log and Fire Report obtained by the University Times. Of the nine vandalism reports, 44% involved damages over $400 and 56% involved damages under $400.

Twenty-two percent of crimes reported involved more than one crime offense. The most crime offenses in one report was on Monday, July 25, near the Student Services building on campus which involved burglary, disorderly conduct, larceny involving theft from the buildiing, petty theft, sex crimes involving indecent exposure, vandalism with damages under $400 and a weapon on school grounds, according to the crime report. This resulted in an arrest.

To report a crime, call the University Police Department at 323-343-3700 or visit the Public Safety building located on the North end of Lot 1.