BREAKING: CSUs to stay online for spring semester


Photo courtesy of Liz O. Baylen/Getty Images

CSU Chancellor, Timothy P White, at the California State University Board of Trustees meeting in 2015.

In a press release on Monday, Chancellor Timothy White announced all 23 CSU universities will remain online for the Spring Semester.

Spring semester remained a question mark when the chancellor’s office announced the virtual Fall Semester due to the coronavirus pandemic back in May. Now under the chancellor’s order, urgency to finalize plans for the next academic semester had to be done. 

 Chancellor White noted projected waves of the virus for October and again in March 2021 which were one of the reasons to remain virtual. Also, upcoming deadlines to decide what classes would be taught and materials would be needed for the Spring.

“We have learned from experience that announcing this decision now will allow faculty and staff to continue or start professional development to be even more effective in the virtual space. We also know that deciding now will allow our students and their families time to plan appropriately,” said the Chancellor in his press release.

 He added, “This decision is the only responsible one available to us at this time.”

 Cal State LA’s president, William Covino, sent a campus wide email forwarding the announcement. Agreeing that the health and safety of the campus community is of the utmost importance.