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baby on bed sleeping

Confessions of a ‘good boy’

Vincent Moc, Community News Reporter December 1, 2022

My mom has a good heart and she shows it by teaching my brothers and me how to be good people. When I was growing up, she used to take me to volunteer at my dad’s temple and various events.  Sometimes,...

This 87-page report covers topics like the lack of Black people
on campus, anti-Black racism, and faculty support.

New study finds Black Cal State LA students feel ‘isolated,’ and racism is a ‘major obstacle’

Victoria Ivie and Alyssah Hall November 28, 2022

A lack of Black people on campus, instances of anti-Black racism and a lack of faculty support are things Cal State LA struggles with, according to an 87-page report detailing the experiences of Black...

students attending the clap event

‘Clap Backs’ encourages Black students to discuss controversial issues

Alyssah Hall, Multimedia Reporter November 13, 2022

It’s that time of year again when families of all walks of life come together for the holidays, but sometimes older and younger generations may have a difference in opinion that can lead to heated disagreements...

‘Love Being You’ unites Black women for an illuminating conversation

‘Love Being You’ unites Black women for an illuminating conversation

Alyssah Hall, Multimedia Reporter October 27, 2022

Ashley Gregory knows firsthand how vital it is for Black women to have a place where they can express themselves.“It's good for us to have spaces where we can be among ourselves…be in community with...

a shot of a couple of students in a classroom

‘Have You Eaten?’ discussion sparks awareness of Asian American issues

Erik Adams, Multimedia Reporter September 18, 2022

Sweet snacks and spirited conversations were shared among over a dozen Cal State LA students at the Asian Pacific Islander Resource Center (APISRC) on Thursday. The resource center was home to an open...

many students enjoying their time in Afrofest

AfroFest commences fall semester for and by the culture

Alyssah Hall, Reporter September 5, 2022

Over 250 Cal State LA students gathered under the hot sun at the U-SU Plaza, enticed by free refreshments, a live DJ, and the chance to support a variety of Black-owned businesses.  The Pan-African...

Circular beige mat with dark brown triangular patterns

Weaving together culture and a colonialist past

Alyssah Hall, Community News Reporter May 28, 2022

Brightly patterned fabrics made of plant fiber -- one with maroon and black leaves contrasting with a cream background, for instance -- are used for clothes, bedding and wall hangings in some Pacific Islander...

Screen shot of the zoom meeting.

BREAKING: Community demands better from administration at Academic Senate

Victoria Ivie, Managing Editor May 3, 2022

Emotions ran high at Tuesday's Academic Senate Zoom meeting, with at least three faculty calling for President Covino’s resignation. On May 1, Melina Abdullah, a Cal State LA professor and Black Lives...

Myself, Sister and father on staircase in home

Growing up Black in Lynchburg, Virginia

Alyssah Hall, Community News Reporter May 2, 2022

When I was 4, my parents, sister and I left West Covina, California, for Virginia, 2,234 miles away. We ended up moving to the city of Lynchburg — a name that seemed to figuratively foreshadow our...

A shot of a wall that reads rights and rituals exhibit

Black debutante culture takes center stage at California African American Museum

Alyssah Hall, Community News Reporter February 26, 2022

In fall 1961, Nat King Cole’s daughter, Carole, debuted with 27 other young Black women at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in the presence of prominent politicians at the time, President John F. Kennedy and...

Artisit, Enkone spray painting at Cal State LA during the art walk.

Black History Month through the eyes of Golden Eagles

Denis Akbari, Intern Reporter February 24, 2022

Black History Month at Cal State LA is about honoring the cultural, artistic and political triumphs and struggles of Black people. Students are excited about Cal State LA’s events during Black History...

the photo of someone who wear sunglasses while in the car.

Women behind the wheel: The lowrider ladies of Los Angeles

Stephanie Sical, Community News Reporter November 18, 2021

Women aren’t just posing in front of lowriders with sexy bikinis and hot pants. Now, they own the lowriders and are shaking things up with their own style, car clubs and culture. Lowrider culture...

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