Covino confirms that Cal State LA will resume in-person classes this spring


Cornell Chuaseco

Students like this one will soon be able to return to campus. (Cornell Chuaseco/UT)

President William A. Covino announced that classes on campus will resume on Feb. 14 in an email today. 

“I’m encouraged by the recent data that shows COVID-19 case numbers declining in the county, as public health experts and data scientists predicted,” Covino said. “With these improving conditions, we look forward to welcoming you back to campus on Feb. 14 to resume in-person classes as planned.”

This move comes following the earlier decision for classes to be fully virtual in the first three weeks of the Spring 2022 semester. 

Giselle Estrada, a natural sciences major, said going back to in-person classes is a mistake.

“I don’t think it’s safe because many students I’ve spoken to noticed that there was no social distancing, we’re in class and professors didn’t care how close we were,” Estrada said about last semester. “I think that’s dangerous because then we’re going home and [potentially giving COVID] to our family. It’s sad.”

“It’s not safe to go back yet,” she continued. “I think they should just wait it out this semester.”

Tamie Vuong, a business administration major, is scared to get sick and doesn’t feel safe to go back on campus. 

“Personally, I’m concerned about the way students may not properly wear masks. That, and the fact that there will be no social distancing. I feel as if returning back in-person, COVID will not be taken as seriously,” said Vuong. 

Vuong said she thinks Cal State LA needs to make the campus more safe for students. 

“While students are mandated to get boosters and the initial two-dose shots, Omicron is still very much contagious as well as the new subvariant. If the school cared about our safety, they should recognize that getting sick with COVID, even if the severity is less than before, is still bad,” said Vuong. 

In the email, Covino also highlighted that University offices and services are still open in person and virtually.

Booster clinics are going to be available for free for students, faculty and staff on Feb. 8, 9, 15 and 22. Appointments are required for these and can be scheduled here.

Covid testing is also available on campus.