The Show Must Go On

Golden Eagle Productions and Cal State LA Film Productions presents Spring Showcase

Mya Taylor, Reporter Intern

The spring Golden Eagle Film Festival was an annual event that had taken place at Cal State LA for the past 21 years. Although the the festival was cancelled, Diego Barrera, President of the Golden Eagle Productions club, and Sean Armstrong, Intake and Operations Coordinator at the College of Arts & Letters Advisement Center, came up with an idea to take matters into their own hands. They agreed that the Golden Eagle Production (GEP) club’s film festival would be a perfect alternative for TVF students to network and view student made films.

The Golden Eagle Production Club’s film festival is going to be feature submitted screenings on Friday, May 10th, in the University Student Union theater from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. alongside a special feature directed by GEP alumnus, Walter Perez. Tickets to this free event will be distributed on site before doors open.

A pre-reception will also be hosted by GEP from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Boardroom North/South. This event will serve as a student networking opportunity for participants and any interested attendees.

17 students will be participating as they submitted short films for the screening. Each project was tentatively worked on by students, with some help from instructors when needed.

Students spent at least three weeks working on their short films. Some have even spent the entire school year working on their projects. The lengths of the short films range from 3 to 10 minutes. The categories will include animation, documentary, narrative, music video, and more.

Miranda Meza, President of Golden Eagle Productions, explained that the festival is dedicated to the students and the work that they put into their projects this past semester.

“This is a time to commemorate [the participants] for their hard work and dedication to their craft,” Meza said.

The goal of Golden Eagle Productions is to help students network and develop their creative potential. Miranda, Diego and Kennet all encourage other students to reach out to their club with interest or ideas. Diego and Kennet noted that the best way for students to reach out would be to contact GPE on Instagram @filmproductionsla or @goldeneagleproductions.