UT Digital: Cupid’s Social

University Times Digital and Alysia Burke

The Cal State LA Center for Student Involvement (CSI) recently hosted a Cupid Social event in the University Student Union Plaza in honor of Valentine’s Day. Students gathered to celebrate love with friends, significant others or on their own in a decked out ballroom filled with heart-shaped balloons, cupid cut-outs, and red streamers. The event was created by CSI programmer Jaqueline Fajardo and featured snacks, music, a themed photo booth, games and card-making.

Fajardo, a psychology major at Cal State LA, wanted to create a space for students to unwind, relax, and spread love.

“I really wanted to come up with an event where students can really just have a space to have fun, whether it’s for self love, showing appreciation for any friends, partner, whoever is in your life,” said Fajardo. 

She continued, “I wanted it to be an event where they can just have that environment. Something fun. I know school can be stressful sometimes with academics and everything, so it’s nice to have these events where students could de-stress.”

Julia Ramos, a music education major, and Emily Chen, a music performance major, attended the event with friends and said they enjoyed being able to take a moment and have some fun with each other.

“We took a bunch of snacks,” said Ramos.

“I think there’s also a card-making activity, so I think we’re gonna do that as well,” Chen said.   

Fellow CSI programmer, Yenice Gonzalez, also helped out at the event and praised her colleague for the success of the event.

Gonzalez was happy students were taking some time to enjoy the event.

“I think personally it’s beyond just romantic love,” Gonzalez said. “It’s also platonic. Love is also friendship. All the different forms of love that we practically practice every single day.”

For more information on the Center for Student Involvement, students can visit their office on campus in the University Student Union, Room 204.