One Earth, One Chance

Millions of youth across the world took to the streets in a global strike to protest climate change

Friday, thousands of youth marched the streets of Los Angeles to City Hall where they protested climate change in light of the UN Climate Action Summit taking place this weekend.

Joshua Mejia, Staff Photographer

Thousands of students skipped school and took to the streets of Los Angeles in a historic global effort to make their voices heard about climate change. The protest came just in time as the United Nations Climate Action Summit took place over the weekend in New York.

Leading this global effort is Swedish 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who has come into light as one of the top environmental activists in the fight against climate change. She recently sailed from Europe to the US in an emissions-free sailboat to speak at the UN Climate Summit, according to Vox.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Thunberg encourages the world’s youth to fight for their future, basing their claims on the science behind global warming that prove it to be true. Her activism over the past year inspired the protests taking place globally almost every Friday. Thunberg founded “Fridays for Future,” to demand action against the ever worsening conditions brought on by global warming. 

These strikes have been largely organized by teenagers who are demanding that the world leaders take this as seriously as they are. These young protestors are becoming more vocal about the dangerous effects climate change poses on the environment.

The collective global youth are rejoining on Friday to continue their fight against climate change.