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The student news site of California State University - Los Angeles

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Molcajete from the La Sirena tortilleria. Photo taken by Andre Rueda.

Gone but not forgotten: The saga of my family’s tortilleria in El Sereno

Andre Rueda, Community News Reporter December 16, 2023

It was a few days before Christmas when my grandmother realized that she did not have nearly enough time nor the ingredients to prepare her homemade tamales. Nearly 50 guests would be expected for the...

The exterior of Weird Wave Coffee Brewers shop. Photo taken by Miguel Diaz.

Violence then, gentrification now

Miguel Diaz, Community News Reporter October 26, 2023

Decades ago, it used to be gangs, drugs and crime that plagued Eastside residents. Now, it is a problem captured in one word: Gentrification. “Growing up here, I have lost more people because of...

Music for the Masses: CSULA Students Love Scenario with K-pop.

Xavier Zamora and Anne To October 11, 2023

Tables were packed in the U-SU Los Angeles Rooms with students all with a single interest, K-pop.    “K-pop fan culture is like a little thing of its own,” said CSI student assistant Andrea...

DeAngelo Ramirez in the PASRC.

Four ways for Black students to find community on campus

Alyssah Hall, Senior Multimedia Reporter January 27, 2023

I enrolled at Cal State LA for the fall semester of 2021, and during that time the majority of classes were on zoom due to the pandemic. I always wanted to find community with other Black students but...

students attending the clap event

‘Clap Backs’ encourages Black students to discuss controversial issues

Alyssah Hall, Multimedia Reporter November 14, 2022

It’s that time of year again when families of all walks of life come together for the holidays, but sometimes older and younger generations may have a difference in opinion that can lead to heated disagreements...

A table/altar of students family members who have passed away

Cal State LA celebrates Dia de los Muertos

Jessica Lopez, Multimedia Reporter November 3, 2022

Audience members danced in a circle and were led to the main plaza with joined hands to represent unity across cultures. A traditional Aztec dancer asks attendees watching to participate.  This was...

a group of photos of people

It grows like this

Alyssah Hall, Multimedia Reporter October 31, 2022

In early African culture, many believed that their hair spiritually connected them to God due to it being close to the sky, according to BBC News. Popular Black hairstyles that you see today like locs,...

Black and White photo of Juan Lopez rocking out with his guitar.

Highland Park guitarist: Neighborhood populations evolve over time. What matters is how people work together

Adrian Leal, Community News Reporter September 27, 2022

In the 20-plus years guitarist Juan Lopez has lived in Highland Park, he has seen it shift from an art and cultural hub to a community that sometimes “lacks appreciation of its long-standing culture.” Lopez...

many students enjoying their time in Afrofest

AfroFest commences fall semester for and by the culture

Alyssah Hall, Reporter September 5, 2022

Over 250 Cal State LA students gathered under the hot sun at the U-SU Plaza, enticed by free refreshments, a live DJ, and the chance to support a variety of Black-owned businesses.  The Pan-African...

A beautiful shot of the land trust

Community-owned land as a way to challenge gentrification

Jessica Lopez, Community News Reporter March 11, 2022

The El Sereno Community Land Trust sees gentrification, climate change, and homelessness as the most pressing issues currently affecting East L.A residents. About a week ago, the group held a grand...

Three dancers performing a show of Tibetan drum dancing for audience members

Alhambra’s Lunar New Year Festival returns, uplifting spirits

Anne To, Community News Reporter February 28, 2022

The festival that has been held since 1997 was back this month after a two-year hiatus during the pandemic. It was downsized from five blocks to one block and happened at the city’s weekly farmer’s...

A shot of a wall that reads rights and rituals exhibit

Black debutante culture takes center stage at California African American Museum

Alyssah Hall, Community News Reporter February 26, 2022

In fall 1961, Nat King Cole’s daughter, Carole, debuted with 27 other young Black women at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in the presence of prominent politicians at the time, President John F. Kennedy and...

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