Thefts make up largest chunk of recent campus crimes


Erick Cabrera

The pie chart above indicates the percentage of each crime committed on campus.

Erick Cabrera, Multimedia Reporter

With a month into the fall semester,  crime has increased along with students on campus.

The University Times reported that over the summer, 50 percent of crimes on campus were vandalism. Police Chief Larry Bohannon said the crimes reported over the summer have no related “crime pattern” at all.

“Usually, when the campus population is low, small crimes like vandalism increase,” Bohannon said.

Bohannon said that campus safety created a new program called the Campus Security Officer. The program hires “unarmed individuals to work in a security or community engagement type capacity,” with the purpose of having more of a presence around campus. 

The Department of Public Safety offers public safety escort services available to students, faculty and visitors for 24 hours, seven days a week. Students can also download the RAVE Guardian app, allowing students and faculty to have direct contact with officers from the Department of Public Safety.

The RAVE Guardian app includes other features, such as “timed virtual escort,” allowing app users to notify friends and family about their status and location. The RAVE Guardian app also offers a call directory and direct links to other campus resources, such as Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), WellBeingU, Parking & Transportation Services, etc. 

Yolanda Torres, a child development major, said she would love to see an officer in the busway station as she gets the bus late at night.

“I know they can’t be inside the bus but it’ll help us, students that get the bus late a bit safe,” Torres said.

Since the start of the fall semester, vandalism is still prevalent on campus but a rise in theft-related incidents has become more common, according to the data gathered from the Daily Crime Log and Fire Report.

Of the total 31 crimes reported early in the semester, both cases of theft and traffic incidents had risen. Thefts ranked the highest with 35 percent, with nine cases reported. Traffic incidents had six cases reported, ranking second with 25 percent.


Students can report an incident by calling the Department of Public Safety at 323-343-3700.