A Wind-sical Pop-Up


Lauren Diana

The Cal State LA Wind Ensemble performs in front of the music building courtyard.

Lauren Diana, Contributing Writer

Between the trees of the Music Building courtyard, the Cal State LA Wind Ensemble performed an impromptu performance known as a pop-up show. Taken by surprise, students and staff stopped to enjoy the live music. The 40-minute production, directed by music professor Emily Moss, touched the audience as the band of 30 students shared their passion for music. “Performing live music, and just being able to collaborate with so many talented people is super gratifying,” said baritone saxophonist Ivan J. Hernandez.

The ensemble rehearses twice a week and has travelled to Montebello High School, Canyon Crest Academy, Fullerton College and the California School of the Arts High School while on tour earlier this month. 

“We tour these schools to show what we have to offer as an ensemble and school,” added Hernandez. In hopes to expand their band, the ensemble reaches out to the vast community to spark other aspiring musicians. The Wind Ensemble’s next performance is on Oct. 14 at 7:30 p.m. in the Music Hall. 

Behind the scenes, the Technical Crew prepares the microphones, stands and chairs. Music shells were placed behind the musicians which act as an amplifier for the sound waves to reflect back toward the audience and produce better acoustics. 

It is Briny Jimenez Madriz’s third year working as an audio technician for the Tech Crew at Cal State LA. 

“The Tech Crew wants to make sure everyone is happy,” said Madriz. Though rarely seen, Madriz, along with the crew, have a large impact on the quality of every production. 

Both the Tech Crew and Wind Ensemble work in unison in order to produce a successful pop-up show.