New Everytable to provide students with more food options


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Mia Alva, Managing Editor

Another Everytable has opened this fall giving students on the south side of campus easier access to meals without having to make the walk to the food court.  

With construction originally starting before the pandemic, the official opening became delayed, said Jazmin Figueroa, a store lead for the new Everytable.

Figueroa said they are seen as separate stores that carry the same message and goal. 

“Our mission is to transform the food system by bringing healthy, affordable food into every community,” said Figueroa. 

Monica Rutkowski, vice president of brand marketing for Everytable, said in an email to the University Times that the original Everytable at Cal State LA was the first to open in a university location, and “we are proud to work with school administrators to provide students and faculty with nutritious food options.” 

Both locations have a Pay It Forward program in which students, faculty and staff can pay for a meal or meals for those who may not be able to afford it. 

A Pay It Forward meal can be redeemed “for free by anyone, no questions asked.” 

Rutkowski said that this program started more than three years ago as a way to provide access to a nutritious meal for those who cannot afford to pay for one. 

“Even though we work to keep our menu as affordable as possible, we understand that some cannot afford a $5 or $6 meal,” Rutkowski said. 

Figuroa said that the new Everytable was added to campus because there were no “real food options” for students on the opposite side of campus besides the cafe in Salazar Hall. 

“Meals at Everytable are made from scratch using fresh ingredients,” said Rutkowski. “We cannot guarantee a meal is completely free of any allergens, but all of our meals are clearly labeled so our guests can choose a meal that meets their dietary preferences.” 

Store hours for the Everytable in Salazar Hall are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Students looking for other options can take a look at the University Times photo essay featuring various places on campus to eat along with their hours and location.