Notes from our Graduating Seniors

Monica Tamayo – Public Relations Assistant

Hi all, my name is Monica Tamayo. I served as the PR assistant and a writer for the University Times this academic year. This was my very first job and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work for my school’s newspaper. I was very fortunate to have amazing coworkers who turned into my second family. From going out for dinner, to bowling nights, my days spent at the newsroom hold a special place in my heart. Working for the UT has been a huge learning experience, I learned to be more confident in my reporting skills and was able to expand my portfolio. To my fellow UT coworkers, thank you for making my senior year such a fun experience, I appreciate you all and I wish you all the best.

Joseph P. Pinto – Multimedia Journalist

As a graduating Senior, I would like to take the time out to thank first and foremost I would like to take the time to thank the readers both in print and on-line. I may not have had a lot of content to bring you, but when I did I gave it my all. I really enjoyed bringing you stories on the Earthquake app and the stories I did on Everytable. They are doing something notable that no other college campus is doing, bringing fresh and affordable food to colleges.

I would like to thank the staff for the opportunity to further my abilities as a journalist. We did an experiment this semester that we tried. We attempted to bring you a Golden Eagle Roundtable, a podcast themed show that brought you highlights for the weekly paper. We have a few episodes in the can, but we are having some difficulty getting that content on our website. We still hope to bring that to you this semester. In fact I intend to return as alum and continue to host this program. I believe in this project that much.

To all the professors who passed on the knowledge this fine University had to offer on to me, I owe the biggest thank you of all. It wasn’t easy, but the belief that you all had in me made me work hard.

And last and not least the friends that I have made while being a student, you made me feel welcomed and that I fit in. It wasn’t always easy being a little older than everybody, but thanks for not making me feel like your Dad. Even though I’m old enough to be in some cases.

Kyle Frizol – Editor In Chief

From the first week of the 2018-19 academic year, I knew that it would be an extremely fulfilling year, one that would be testing at points, but would result in accomplishment and pride. My plan was simple: work day by day, taking it one step at a time to deliver honest and reliable news to the university community, while also navigating my senior year at the University. As a marketing student in the business college, I was always in a curriculum quite different to my peers at the University Times. However, it taught me that the vast dynamics that made up my team were something to celebrate and to leverage to accomplish our ambitious (but very obtainable) goals that we had set before ourselves. Throughout this year, there have been many highs as well as the occasional low that reminded me that I was only human. Regardless, the lessons and the relationships that I cultivated truly helped me to develop and grow into a position that I am proud of–one that I am excited to build upon.

We covered quite a bit here at the University Times this year, and looking back, I am wholeheartedly proud of each and every day that I spent with my staff building this paper to what it is today, as well as listening to the criticism and love that the university community has provided along the way. It’s been a beautiful journey, and though I am stepping away, I will always consider the University Times and Cal State LA as a home. Here’s to the future.

Marissa Chavez- Digital Editor

Being a member of the UT was an amazing experience, I only wish I would have joined sooner. These last four years have really shaped me into the person I am today and I could not be happier. The people I have met and the professors I have had, helped me be able to not only live but become apart of the LA culture. I have always had a passion for writing and this university and the newspaper gave me the experience I needed in so many aspects of journalism.

I am so grateful to have been the Digital Editor this semester and I am excited to see where the University Times will go from here!

Anthony Quach – Sports Editor

Hey everybody, my name is Anthony Quach. I have had the pleasure of working as the University Times’ Sports Editor. Working for the school’s newspaper this past academic year has been an amazing experience. Covering sports has always been a goal of mine, and to do it as the Sports Editor for the UT was extra special to me. I had the pleasure of covering a wide variety of sports, ranging from soccer, to basketball, to baseball and more. Not only I did gain more experience as a sports journalist, but I was able to meet a great group of people that I can call family. The time I spent at the newsroom with all of them has been nothing but an adventure and I looked forward to it everyday. This has be an unforgettable senior year and I wish everyone at the UT nothing but the best in the future.