Review: Everytable makes coming out of my “nummy” phase easier


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Stephanie Medina, Reporter

The “nummy” phase, as my friends call it, is having the taste buds of a child. Anytime I go out to eat with my friends, they tell me I’m stuck in the nummy phase because I always order chicken fingers. As a picky eater, chicken fingers are the safest thing to eat.

Trying new foods can be difficult for those stuck in this phase. Going to a new restaurant can be intimidating. I, for one, depend on a new restaurant that I visit to have chicken fingers so I can be comfortable. When I attend a new restaurant, I become anxious. I’m excited to be there but nervous about the new foods. If I were to try something new and not like it, would I disrespect the cook or the chef?

Since the fall semester has begun and food operations have reopened, I wanted to try something new other than my easy, safe choices of El Pollo Loco, Burger King, and Sbarro. Originally called Feast, Everytable was founded in 2013 by Sam Polk. A former hedge fund trader, Polk wanted it to be accessible to all while providing customers with healthy options. Everytable has eight locations across Los Angeles including the one on campus, which had its grand opening at Cal State LA on Jan. 28, 2019. They sell “nutritious food made from scratch and affordable to all.”

As I entered Everytable, the food was organized by hot plates, grain bowls and salads. I grabbed two items: a turkey taco bowl with brown rice, roasted corn salsa and black beans, topped with white cheddar cheese and chili lime crema, along with a salad. 

As I opened the turkey bowl container, it didn’t look very appetizing. Each ingredient was separated on the plate, and I was thrown off by the coldness of the food. I couldn’t smell the spices, and the meal seemed lifeless and odorless. 

However, once I warmed it up, the food became much more lively. The smells of the spices and the roasted corn filled my nose as I opened the container. I tried the ground turkey first before mixing the bowl together, and it needed a bit more seasoning for my taste. After I mixed the ingredients, the turkey was overpowered by the roasted corn and cilantro flavor. 

Mixing in the chili lime crema added a kick and the perfect amount of citrus to the meal. With every bite I tasted the lime, followed by the heat that hits you right at the end. I would highly recommend this dish to someone trying Everytable for the first time.

The second item I tried was the summer berry salad. The salad has blueberries, strawberries, arugula, lentils, quinoa, lemon pepper chicken, and a grain-free crunchy seed topping served with a side of lemon maple vinaigrette. The salad’s name made me optimistic about trying it, but I was wary since I am not a huge fan of arugula or quinoa. I made sure to include a little bit of everything in my first bite, and the salad’s freshness quickly relieved my worries. 

“This has to be the freshest salad I have ever eaten,” I thought to myself. 

The berries seemed like they had been picked that morning. The lemon pepper flavoring from the chicken was subtle, but it was just enough to add the citrus punch it needed. The dressing seemed to get lost in the chicken, but the seed topping gave the salad the sweetness and crunch that I was looking for.  The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the lentils and quinoa combination. The texture from both didn’t seem to fit in well with the salad. 

The two dishes from Everytable pushed me out of my comfort zone. I normally don’t eat black beans or turkey, nor do I usually try the flavors that the turkey bowl had to offer. That being said, I enjoyed all the flavors and the freshness. 

Getting out of my comfort zone made me open to trying new things. Though I still believe shaking the nummy phase can be hard and trying new things can be scary, falling in love with something new makes it all worth it.