Student orgs welcome Golden Eagles into open arms

Last Wednesday, the City of Orgs Mixer brought students and organizations together which was hosted by the Center for Student Involvement in the Golden Eagle Ballroom.

Tahiti Salinas, Staff Reporter

In a surprising turn of events, the City of Orgs’ first mixer was a success. Despite the late hour, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., plenty of students showed up to the Golden Eagle Ballroom to mix and mingle with the organizations that could potentially make them feel more welcome on campus. While students enjoyed refreshments and snacks provided, organizations, fraternities and sororities made one-minute pitches trying to entice students to join.

Natalie Thi, a second-year marketing major, felt inspired to delve deeper into her career after watching the recent Super Bowl commercials. Hence, why she was interested in joining the Marketing Analytics Research Society (MARS). With the help of this organization, Thi would gain the ability to reach out to companies outside the school who would help with her career.

“They [MARS] reach out to companies that help do research and marketing for them so with that we’ll be able to network with other companies outside the school,” Thi said.

Yesenia Alvarado, sorority sister at Sigma Lambda Gamma and a fourth-year student, explained she wanted to bring attention to her sorority and the events they have coming up with hopes of recruiting more “sisters.”

“We do have several events that we have coming up like our first event, ‘Are you smart like a Gamma?’ which is based on our academic principle. The event is on Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the Alhambra room, and it would allow the girls to get to know the other sisters,” Alvarado said.

In hopes to be more in touch with her identity, Alejandra Alvarado, a second-year student, also found interest in an organization, M.E.Ch.A., that fits with her Latinx roots. As a Latina activist, Alvarado said, “I want to meet others like me.”

Candice Varnado, the event coordinator, explained it was the first mixer she helped organize and had not expected the turnout to be as good as it was.

“The turnout is a little bit better on the main campus walkway, only because there are more people there and it’s more visible. However, I didn’t expect this many students to come to the mixer, because it’s so late, it’s so cold out and we don’t know if folks are in class or maybe studying. So it’s a better turnout than I expected,” Varnado explained.

Varnado said that she wanted these organizations to have a more intimate setting so the students would not feel shy or limited in time to get to know these organizations.