What are students doing over spring break?


Cornell Chuaseco

Students share their excitement and plans for this year’s spring break

Priscilla Caballero, Reporter & News Break Anchor

Spending more time with friends, family or perhaps a significant other? 

Enjoying delicious food?


Finally being able to get more sleep?

Spring break has officially started, and students are eager for time off from classes. 

Maria Vela, an English major, will be going to her first Beyond Wonderland concert in San Bernardino and also visiting family in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Vela said she will be taking safety precautions to ensure her trip goes smoothly, such as masking-up and following traveling requirements.

Manny Ibarra, a Chicano studies major, plans to spend time in San Francisco and catch up with friends. 

“I feel like I need a break and to recharge and be able to just restore some of my energy to come back and finish my last semester here,” he said. 

Ibarra looks forward to spending time with his friends at San Francisco State University and visiting the Golden Gate Bridge for some photos. 

“I feel like everyone does that San Francisco bridge picture and the times that I’ve gone it was either raining or too windy, so that’s definitely something I want to do on my trip,” he said. 

Other students, like social work major Evelyn Gomez, said they do not have any set plans. However, Gomez said there might be a possibility that she and her friends take a trip to Arizona.

Gomez has never spent spring break taking a road trip before, but it would be for a memorable reason. 

“We really want to do it since [my friends] are graduating from Cal State LA,” she said. “I’m concerned about COVID, but we would be taking safety precautions if we were to go, like double-masking. We are all vaccinated too.”

Joanna Pacheco, also a social work major, says she will spend her break working at her job. 

“I’m possibly just going to work or if not, I’m just going to stay home,” she said.  

Roommates Mazien Ali, a biology major, and Toby Molina, an exercise science major, are both planning to spend time at Magic Mountain. 

“This will be our first spring break as roommates,” Ali said. 

They said they are not too worried about COVID-related concerns.

“We got the booster shots, so I think we’re fine,” Molina said.

Callie Luong, a theater performance major, says she will have a busy schedule over break. 

“Mostly, I want to rest because I have to work on a production for a play so I’m going to be pretty busy,” Luong said. 

Spring break is very much needed and no matter what your plans are, make sure to stay safe and healthy to come back to finish the second half of the semester strong.