BREAKING: 10 Freeway shutdown near Cal State LA causes traffic and complaints

10 Freeway near Cal State LA shutdown on Friday, March 31. Photo by Denis Akbari.

The article has been updated.

The 10 Freeway reopened after being closed for almost ten hours on Friday. Cars were packed along nearby streets as they rerouted around the closure.

A safety advisory was sent out at 8:31 p.m. that said, “The 10 fwy near campus has re-opened. Police activity has concluded.”

Golden Eagles received the first safety advisory at 12:53 p.m. that said to avoid the area near McDonald’s at Eastern and Ramona and that the 10 Freeway was shut down in both directions due to police activity.

Computer science major Roger Ramirez feels that there is a lack of security in the area around Cal State LA because there have been a lot of incidents lately that involved police.

“It makes me feel unsafe and sad that this happens near us students,” he said. “Having a whole freeway closed down for so many hours is also a hassle to deal with.”

The Monterey Park Police could not be reached despite phone calls, but KTLA reported that the freeway was closed since around 10 a.m. Officers pursued the driver of a white BMW, allegedly involved in a robbery. The pursuit ended in a police shooting.

“So many roads and highways are impacted by this and it’s very unfortunate because, as civilians, myself included, we are impacted severely,” Ramirez said. “I can’t even imagine how frustrating and scary it must be to live near this incident.”

Alejandra Martinez-Jaurez, a civil engineering major, thinks that it’s odd to see so many crime scenes around a university.

“I don’t think a freeway should be closed for this long because Los Angeles is a busy city that relies on the freeway,” she said. “I was just passing by the scene around 2:30 p.m. and there was heavy traffic near McDonald’s.”

Martinez-Jaurez saw streets being closed off as well as the freeway ramp onto and out of the 10 Freeway. Since the whole area was blocked, cars had to go through N Eastern Avenue, which created traffic.

“The whole situation makes it difficult for me to get to places since I live on campus, and I mostly use the 10 Freeway,” she said. “This incident also concerns me and makes me not want to walk around campus anymore. Now I feel like it’s just safer to drive everywhere.”

The University Times reached out for a statement from the Cal State LA Public Affairs department but has yet to receive a response.