BREAKING: 20-foot sinkhole creates closures across campus


Anthony Aguilar

A sinkhole on the Cal State LA campus has caused road closures. Students were informed by campus-wide email on Saturday, Feb. 25. Photo by Anthony Aguilar.

This story has been edited to add updated information.

A report was made to the Eagle Patrol at 10 a.m. Saturday morning about a “big hole” at Circle Drive at the Cal State LA campus.

When workers came to inspect the hole, they discovered a 20-foot-wide and 30-foot-deep sinkhole, according to Brandy Hernandez, a student worker for the Eagle Patrol.

“A portion of Circle Drive between Campus Road and the entrance to Lot 2 at the south end of campus is closed,” a campus-wide email sent on Feb. 25 said.

The sinkhole occurred after heavy rainfall on Friday night, which resulted in multiple flash flood warnings throughout Los Angeles County.

Barriers and signs have been set up along the road to prevent entry, and parking staff will assist with directing traffic on Monday.

Em Pang, an English grad student, relies on cars and buses to get to campus.

“It will be more difficult to get to campus since it will be more crowded with traffic,” Pang said. “I don’t want to be late to class because of the delay.”

Metro bus lines 106, 200, 256, and 665 and the Alhambra Community Transit have been rerouted to go around the affected region, but pick up and drop off will continue at the Transit Center.

All foot and vehicle traffic has been closed off near Alliance Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science school. Students who need to be dropped off at these locations will be rerouted to Paseo Rancho Castilla, where they can be dropped off on Hillside Drive.

The university advised drivers who use Structure B to use the north entrances and exits near the Student Services Building and parking Lot 4.

These areas will remain closed until repairs are finished. It could take up to three to four weeks for the damage to be repaired, according to Hernandez.

“I doubt they are going to get started on that early because of the rain. It’s just gonna make it harder for them,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez expressed concerns about the sinkhole reaching the I-10 freeway exit that is located near the sinkhole.

“It is quite worrying that the sinkhole is there. I hope that the area surrounding the sinkhole is safe,” Pang said. “I’m a bit worried about potential accidents happening since the roads are slippery.”

Update: The area affected by the sinkhole that appeared on Circle Drive between Campus Road and the entrance of Lot 2 has been confirmed to be larger than previously expected, according to a campus-wide email on Mar. 1, at 10:31 a.m.

Here is an excerpt of the email:

“Geotechnical engineers inspected the site, and we’ve now learned the impacted area is larger. Fencing has been adjusted to block off the larger area. This area is unsafe for pedestrians and vehicles.

Traffic is being rerouted around the closed area, resulting in some delays entering and exiting campus. Additional traffic staff will assist with directing vehicles. Please allow yourself additional time to navigate campus.”