Social Clubs at Cal State LA

P'Etra Davis, Contributing Writer

Representatives of some of Cal State LA’s 130 clubs and student organizations stood at booths last week recruiting members, doling out over 500 free meals and catching up with fellow members. But that often isn’t enough.

“There are two types of students. There are the students that have been involved in social clubs in high school, so they are familiar with groups in school. Then, there is the student who has never been involved and doesn’t know anything about social clubs”, said Adriana Caselin, a leader of Beta Alpha Psi, an honors organization.

The good thing is, whether you are an athlete, a straight-A student, or bookworm looking for like-minded friends, student leaders say there is a club for you.

Given all these options one might think most students are involved in at least one club.

Not so, said Candice Varnado, the senior coordinator of CSI.

“I am not sure why most students don’t join organizations, I think most students that commute to campus just come to school and leave because they don’t have the time to be apart,” Varnado said.

Every first Wednesday of each month will be dedicated to informing students about social clubs and organizations, according to student leaders. For more information about student organizations, please visit